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  • Juni 2016 "Die Gehaltsstudie"

    In Zusammenarbeit mit Questback befragt für eine Gehaltsstudie die Beschäftigten in der Consulting-Branche. Neben dem Jahres- bzw. Monatsgehalt werden variable Gehaltsanteile, Zuschüsse zur betrieblichen Altersversorge, andere Zuschüsse sowie Firmenwagen berücksichtigt. Die differenzierte Gegenüberstellung der Gehälter nach personen- und arbeitgeberbezogenen Faktoren erlaubt eine realistische Einordnung des eigenen Gehalts.

    Sie sind festangestellt oder selbstständig in der Beratungsbranche tätig? Dann nehmen Sie sich bitte 10 Minuten Zeit, um einige Angaben zu Ihrem derzeitigen Einkommen zu machen. Ihre Angaben werden selbstverständlich vollkommen vertraulich und anonym erhoben und behandelt.

    Den Teilnehmern werden die Ergebnisse der Studie kostenlos zur Verfügung gestellt.

    Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen und den Link zur Studie:

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  • 17 Feb 2016 "How to Become a Highly Paid Freelancer While Keeping Your Full Time Job" by Jeff Haden on inc.

    How to Become a Highly Paid Freelancer While Keeping Your Full Time JobManagement Summary

    Ryan Robinson, an entrepreneur and marketer who teaches people how to create meaningful self-employed careers, suggests to start freelancing before quitting a full time job. Furthermore, he proposes to choose a niche, to create a high quality portfolio site, and to post on relevant industry blogs and publications, because the most consistent source of new clients has been from business owners seeking out specific expert help through Google and social searches.

    To Robinson ene of the most effective ways to land higher quality and better paying freelance work is through leveraging existing networks. Whether it's pitching actual friends and former co-workers on freelance help, or using their connections to make warm introductions to companies want to work with, this is a great alternative to cold contacting potential clients.

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  • 17 Feb 2016 "Future UK chief Millar lays out expansion plans as CMS becomes first international firm in Iran" by Sarah Downey on LEGAL BUSINESS

    Future UK chief Millar lays out expansion plans as CMS becomes first international firm in IranManagement Summary

    CMS Cameron McKenna's incoming managing partner Stephen Millar (pictured) has outlined the launch of a new office in Iran, the making it the first international firm to do so. This plan comes just weeks after the lifting of international sanctions on the country, unfreezing billions of dollars of assets and allowing Iran's oil to be sold internationally.

    CMS Hasche Sigle will be located in the Navak Tower in the Iranian capital and its outpost will include Iranian lawyers led by German-Iranian partners Jürgen Frodermann and Shaghayegh Smousavi.

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  • 16 Feb 2016 "Fed am Limit - Der deutschen Marktforschungsbranche drohen neue Krisen" von Patrizia Trolese

    Fed am Limit

    Nicht nur digitale Geschäftsmodelle und Big Data bedrohen die Marktforschungsbranche weltweit. Börsencrashs und nachlassendes Wirtschaftswachstum in China, der Ölpreisverfall und insolvente Fracking-Unternehmen in den USA halten die Welt dieser Tage in Atem – auch die Marktforscher. Was bedeuten diese Entwicklungen für die deutsche Marktforschung? Steht ein neuer Finanzmarkt-Crash bevor? Ein Blick in die Weltwirtschafts-Geschichte soll dazu beitragen, die volkswirtschaftlichen Mechanismen zu verstehen und eine Prognose zu wagen.

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  • 3 Feb 2016 "Behind the veil – Can Islamic finance live up to the sales pitch?" by David Stevenson on LEGAL BUSINESS

    Behind the veil Can Islamic finance live up to the sales pitch

    Dismissed as a fad in some quarters, Islamic finance flourished during the downturn and has emerged as a significant practice for both Middle East and international firms. How sustainable is the workflow and what lies ahead for the key players?

    Management Summary

    With studies expecting the Muslim population to grow twice as fast as the non-Muslim demographic over the next 20 years global financial institutions and governments are offer Islamic finance products more and more. According to EY’s latest study, the total amount of Islamic assets held by commercial banks was expected to have grown by around 40% from 2011 to 2013, from $1.3trn to $1.8trn. Hubs of Islamic banking are Qatar, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UAE and Turkey.

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  • 30 Jan 2016 "Professional Service Firms in Asia: Playing the game of Chinese" by Patrizia Trolese

    Professional Service Firms in Asia

    The streets of Beijing no longer seem to be paved with gold these days – also for Professional Service Firms. The Big Four’s local China offices have been banned by US regulators from auditing US-listed companies and almost all law firms are down-sizing their China operations. The lack of a level playing field in terms of tax and regulation has always put the local professional services firms at a distinct advantage. This has been particularly true for international law firms who can’t practise PRC law.

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  • 30 Jan 2016 "Dubai opens consultancy tender for $27bn green fund" on arabianBusiness

    Management Summary

    Dubai's Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) said on Saturday it was calling on consulting firms to tender for advisory and regulatory development services for the emirate's planned 100 billion dirham ($27 billion) clean energy fund.

    Offers for the tender will be accepted until the end of February, the official news agency WAM reported, citing DEWA. It gave no further details.

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  • 29 Jan 2016 "Shanghai Plan to Cover Venture Capital Firms' Losses Is Criticized" by Wang Xiaoqing on Caixon online

    Shanghai Plan to Cover Venture Capital Firms Losses Is CriticizedManagement Summary

    Starting next month, venture capital firms that invested in high-tech startups in Shanghai since the beginning of last year can apply for government compensation if their investment loses money. The payout offer is intended to encourage private VC investment to support innovation and the development of Shanghai as a global high-tech center. The policy is to last for two years.

    "The idea will have a disastrous impact on the principles of the capital market", said Andrew Y. Yan, managing partner of private equity investment firm SAIF Partners. "VC investments are extremely risky and limited to only a very few people and institutions. The negative consequences of using public money to compensate investment losses will be unimaginable."

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  • Jan 29, 2016 "U.S. Venture Capital Firm is still betting on China" by Liu Xiaojing on Caixin online

    U.S. Venture Capital Firm Is Still Betting on ChinaManagement Summary

    Despite concerns that some Internet-related businesses have been overvalued by investors, creating the risk of a bubble, venture capital investors are still optimistic about investing in China's mobile Internet companies. Jixun Foo, a partner at GGV Capital, said: "When we started investing in 2000, 70 percent of GGV Capital's portfolio was allocated to the U.S. market, but now nearly 70 percent of the company's investment is in China."

    The size of the fund managed by GGV Capital, an early backer of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., increased from US$ 161 million to US$ 2.6 billion from 2005 to 2012. The company's portfolio includes 19 listed companies, such as Alibaba,, the video sharing platform Youku Tudou Inc., the e-commerce start-ups, and

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  • 29 Jan 2016 "Delaware Consulting opens Dubai office, 1st in Middle East" on

    Delaware Consulting opens Dubai office 1st in Middle East

    Management Summary

    Just a few months after expanding into Hungary, Malaysia and Brazil, Delaware Consulting has ventured into the Middle East. From its new office in Dubai, United Arabic Emirates, the Belgian origin IT services firm aims at building a solid footprint in the region.

    With over 1,000 employees in 10+ countries, Delaware Consulting is one of the larger providers of IT solutions and technology consulting services based on the Microsoft, SAP and OpenText technology platforms.

    The new venture in Dubai follows the signing of a number of new customers in the region, and the strong interest for Delaware’s technology portfolio including propositions such as digital and mobile solutions, customer experience, information management, big data and ERP.

    “With the World Expo being organized in Dubai in 2020, we expect a lot of demand for leading-edge technology projects where we can offer our expertise,” comments Philippe Dendievel, Chairman of the new operation in Dubai.

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  • 29 Jan 2016 "Tata Consultancy Services Launches Optumera™ and OmniStore™ Retail Solutions" on PR Newswire

    TATA Consultancy ServicesManagement Summary

    Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a leading global IT services, consulting and business solutions organization, announced the launch of two retail solutions, which were showcased at the National Retail Federation BIG Show from January 17-20:

    - Optumera™: Digital Merchandizing Suite enables retailers to leverage the power of computational intelligence to deliver shopper centric merchandising

    - Omnistore™: Unified Store Commerce Platform is a micro-services based POS platform to help retailers orchestrate omni-channel journeys for their customers.

    "TCS is focused on developing solutions that harnesses the power of digital technologies to help retailers innovate and differentiate," said Pratik Pal, President of Retail and CPG, TCS. "We believe this will bring the power back to the merchants.“

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  • 29 Jan 2016 "PwC Is Turning to Vets and Grads to Fill High-Paying Tech Jobs" by Anne Fisher on Fortune

    PwC Is Turning to Vets and Grads to Fill High Paying Tech JobsManagement Summary

    About 2 million high-paying cybersecurity jobs are currently going unfilled worldwide, and the skills shortage seems to be getting worse as cyber attacks grow more sophisticated. Rather than lament the skills gap, PwC is trying to fill it. First, the firm has stepped up recruiting of new college grads—including not just people with STEM degrees, but liberal arts majors too—and zeroed in on veterans who are leaving the military and looking for private-sector jobs. And second, PwC is training them.

    The usual reason more companies don’t tackle talent shortages by training the hires they need, of course, is simply that they hesitate to invest in skills that employees can then take out the door to a competitor. But, Burg says: “A large number of our employees are ‘boomerangs,’ who leave and come back.” Other alumni, he adds, go on to big jobs at client companies—like Eran Feigenbaum, now chief information officer at Google for Work—and maintain ties to their old firm.

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  • 28 Jan 2016 "Industrial revolution and dollar dilemma" by Lutfey Siddiqi and Simon Smiles on Shanghai Daily

    Industrial revolution and dollar dilemmaManagement Summary

    The US is a technological hub for „Industry 4.0“ and remains an attractive destination for investment. The US dollar will maintain its structural strength. Developing Nations and companies have used the dollar weakness since the financial crisis to increase significantly their dollar-denominated borrowing. Their cost of debt servicing would rise in future and add competitive pressures.

    „Industy 4.0“ for some emerging markets is a risk of squandering their demographic prime. In addition, virtual trade of intellectual property will strenghten advanced enonomies with strong legal protections. Also the on-shoring of work back from areas with a former labor advantage is a risk for emerging markets. A further decline of imports of advanced economies could hit emerging markets’ earnings and cost of equity additionally.

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